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Minnie Cooking Games

minnie cooking games

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Minnie and Ben

Minnie and Ben

Tamika took this picture.

I recently discovered Minnie passed away. I was shocked when I found out. We went to visit her just this summer. The first time we visited, she got to sit with Nya. Minnie joked that Nya was a Naskapi baby, because her skin colour is so similar.

We were out walking the next day, and Minnie sent out word for us to stop by. We did, and she surprised us with tiny moccasins for Nya (you can see them in Tamika's hands)! Minnie stayed up all night making them for us, because she knew we were leaving the next day.

She and her late husband were some of the dearest friends of ours when we lived on the reservation. I will never forget her...

Spay Day for Minnie & Sugar

Spay Day for Minnie & Sugar

Today Minnie and Sugar had their spay appointment. They both did well and are recovering nicely so far.

True to form, Minnie (pictured on the bottom) is already wide eyed, hungry and ready to play, in fact I think it's going to be a challenge to keep her settled and mellow for the next week.

Sugar (pictured on the top) seems to have a slightly more delicate system than her sister and is happy to sleep off this first evening back home.

minnie cooking games

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