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Orange County Cooking Schools

orange county cooking schools

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  • (Cooking school) A cooking school or culinary school is an institution devoted to education in the art and science of food preparation. It also awards degrees which indicate that a student has undergone a particular curriculum and therefore displays a certain level of competency.

    orange county
  • Orange County is a county located in the U.S. state of New York. It is part of the Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area and is located at the northern reaches of the New York metropolitan area.

  • A county in southwestern California, between Los Angeles and San Diego; pop. 2,846,289

  • Orange County is a county in California. Its county seat is Santa Ana. As of the 2000 census, its population was 2,846,293, while a July 2008 estimate placed the population at 3,010,759, making it the second most populous county in California, behind Los Angeles County and ahead of San Diego

  • Orange County is a 2002 American comedy film starring Colin Hanks and Jack Black. It was released on March 22, 2002. The movie was distributed by Paramount Pictures and produced by MTV Films and Scott Rudin. The movie was directed by Jake Kasdan and written by Mike White.

Tombstone-John & Elizabeth Burket

Tombstone-John & Elizabeth Burket

Co. F, 86th OH. Infantry
John Burket Early Settler of Kansas

John Burket, son of Andrew Burket and Jane Litte, was born August 5, 1840, in Hancock County, Ohio. Most likely named in honor of his great-grandfather, John Burkhard (Johannes Georg Burkhardt), Revolutionary War soldier and bodyguard of General George Washington, John was the fourth child of Andrew and Jane, and their third son. Andrew and Jane had moved to Hancock County about 1835 from Perry County, farther to the South, as had so many of their German friends and neighbors and other family members. They were always in search of land to homestead
John grew up in Hancock County, probably attending school a few months during the year, and most likely working on the farm in this sparsely populated area of Ohio. The fortunes of the family seemed particularly bleak in the 1850s. John remained home, listed in the census as a laborer, living in Orange township, Hancock County, Ohio, with his father and step-mother, her two son’s from her first marriage, and Sarah, Jacob, and Debora, children of Andrew and Mary.
The family was not immune to the nation's larger dramas. On July 14, 1863, at age 22, John mustered-in at Camp Cleveland in Gilead, Ohio as a member of Company F, 86 Regiment, Ohio Infantry (6 months 1863-1864). The Civil War was on. Why he volunteered we do not know--the adventure, the pay, his loyalty in service to his country are all good reasons. During his six months of service, the regiment lost thirty-seven enlisted men to disease.
John may have returned directly to Hancock County after his service was completed. However, within a year he was living in Kosciusko County, Indiana, where an older brother, William, and his family, also lived. In Indiana John met Sarah Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Jones, who owned land in the neighboring township of Seward. John and Sarah married in Kosciusko County, Indiana on August 19, 1866, by J. France, Minister of the Gospel, when John was 26 years old
In 1868, John and Elizabeth's first child, Willis Juan, was born on September 11 in Kosciusko County, Indiana. According to the 1870 U.S. Census, John, Elizabeth, and Willis were living in Union Township, Putnam County, Ohio, where John plied his trade as a carpenter. Sarah was pregnant because on July 23 their second child, Samuel Orlando, was born in Hancock County, Ohio. John and Sarah were living in Hancock County, Ohio in 1870 at the time in which John's father's estate was being settled. Andrew Burket had died in 1969 in Hancock County, Ohio, and John and Sarah were listed as heirs living in the same county.
From then on, the family was on the move. In 1872, John and Sarah lived in Johnson County, Missouri, where their third child, Joseph Lawrence, was born September 27. Then in 1874, the family lived in Henry County, Missouri, ten miles east of Appleton City where son, John Wesley, was born March 27. In 1876 the John Burket family lived in Wood County, Ohio, where John's brother, Joseph, and his family, farmed. On August 19 another son, Jacob Monroe, was born. Finally in 1879, the family returned to St. Clair County, Missouri. This time, Samuel and Sarah Jones, Elizabeth’s parents, and their sons William, Elsworth, and Freeman, moved with the Burkets from Indiana to Missouri. The 1880 U.S, Census listed the Jones family as living in St. Clair County. Furthermore, the 1880 U.S. Census identifies John and Sarah as living in St. Clair County, Missouri with five sons; again, John was a carpenter. Sarah was pregnant because their first daughter, Elizabeth, was born August 14, 1880. Finally, in 1882, daughter, Synthia Mae, was born September 15, in St. Clair County, and the family was complete--five sons and two daughters.
On September 28, 1883, according to letters written by Joseph Lawrence, the Burket family headed for Kansas. The wagon was equipped with bows and sheet. John and Sarah had made a tent for the family use. All the larger boys slept in the tent. Four horses, two for the wagon, and two saddle horses, three young cattle and two milk cows traveled with the family. The route took them through Rich Hill, Missouri; Fort Scott, Kansas; Iola, Virgil, El Dorado, Wichita and finally, their destination, Harper, Kansas. They stopped to look for land near Sharon, Kansas.. According to Joseph, a man named Dr. Carr located the father on some worthless land just west of Crisfield, Kansas. John Burket looked again and finally settled two miles southwest of Crisfield. The date was October 28, 1883, exactly one month since the family left Missouri. Crisfield, a town no longer in existence, was established the same year, 1883, a year before the Southern Kansas Railroad extended southwest from Attica. John was an early settler of Kansas. The Burket family helped develop the fledgling community. Because the railroad was yet to be, the Burkets drove their wagons to Attica to pick up their possessions.
After they arrived in 1883 and while

Ontario Police (CA) circa 1940's

Ontario Police (CA) circa 1940's

Robert Glover and Herbert Swinney
September. 1947
Ontario, California/ and Its Police Department

Ontario, a splendid little city possessing everything that has made Southern California famous the world over, lies at the western end of San Bernardino County, less than
25 miles from the county seat.

This beautiful inland city was founder in 1882 by two brothers named Chaffey, and these brothers selected this spot as the location for higher education advantages. They established Chaffey College which for years has held a high place along educational lines and today, though small in comparison to state universities and other colleges of
California, maintains an enrollment of over 1000. The staff of professors is imbued with the aims of the institution of turning out graduates who are a credit to the curriculum
and the four years course of training they take.

Ontario has a population of some 20,000 and the city has an area of 12 J/2 square miles. In this area and the interurban area around the city there is produced various crops. Oranges, lemons and grape fruit constitute a large share of these crops. However, walnuts, peaches, hay beans, sweet potatoes, olives and grapes contribute crops that pour
millions of dollars into the live little city. Near Ontario is the largest grape vineyard in the world, over 6000 acres in the little community of Guasti.

One would not suppose Ontario would be the site of important manufacturing plants but such is the case. In this city the first electric iron was produced and for years the output of Hotpoint electric irons was shipped to all parts of the world. The original company has been merged with the General Electric Co., which has a large plant devoted to manufacturing electric irons. Here, too, is the Karakul Fur Farm, one of this nation's largest fur farms, which makes fur coats. There are a number of concerns producing by- products of various fruits, and the tile board factory of Bestile Manufacturing Company is located here.

The homes, churches, schools and recreational centers are a joy to see, all well kept up and well managed.

Like all cities, especially one as lively as Ontario, it is necessary to have an efficient Police Department. Ontario has one, made up of a Chief and 24 men and women all
trained in various aspects of law enforcement. It is true that through the years there are but few important crimes committed in this city. But the department under the direc-
tion of Chief H. W. Swinney is kept mighty busy with minor infractions of the law.

The annual report submitted to the Mayor and City Council by Chief Swinney for the year 1946 gives evidence of the activity of the Police Department. The report of arrests shows that there were 1365 for misdemeanors and 182 for felonies.

The percentage of complaints made to the Department runs in the same proportion, and since 1942 there has been a steady increase of arrests and complaints. The increas; in
arrests for 1946 over 1945 was 210.

There were 15 robberies reported for the year and 111 burglaries. Some of these proved to be unfounded.

There were no murders.
L. to R. ; Officer B. C. Boles, Assistant Chief R. L. Glover. Chief
Swinney, Sergeants Oliver Branson and Grayburn Martin.

There were four complaints for driving an automobile while intoxicated and three felony hit and run, thirty- seven automobiles were stolen during the year.

Check passers were active with 7J cases reported.

Chief Swinney leads his annual report by the following observations :
In general the types of arrests compare to other years, however we have experienced an 18 per cent increase in felony arrests, which, included with the total arrests for the year, amount to an overall increase of 15 per cent. Last year, a total increase of 18 per cent for that period, indicated greater activity on criminal acts. These figures
indicate a manifestation of predictions made by State and Federal experts on the subject of crime and what may be anticipated. The peak has not as yet been reached, accord-
ing to their opinions. While activities in this particular phase of our work has increased, there has been imposed still greater demands. These can most precisely be brought '
to your attention by itemizing them as follows :

1. The current traffic problem and its effective control.
2. Additional duties imposed with the use of parking
meters relative to collection service and maintenance.
3. Annexation requiring an appro.ximate increase of
2500 miles per month in patroling, While personnel has been increased by four new men,commensurate with the increased responsibilities of the department.

With regard to the present personnel, a desirable state of moral prevails. This is largely due to the adoption of the 8-ho

orange county cooking schools

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