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Quantum Infrared Cooking System

quantum infrared cooking system

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  • Quantum is the third studio album by Planet X, released in 2007 on InsideOut Music.

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Stainless Steel Gas Grill

Stainless Steel Gas Grill

Brand: Charbroil Commercial series model number 463252005
The Char-Broil Quantum uses an exclusive stainless steel infrared cooking system.
680 square inches of total cooking area; 1/2 Lb. Burger Capacity; quantity 30
Porcelain Warming rack/ grease tray/ grease pan/ igniter button
Side burner with cover; side shelf panel
Covered storage
On wheels
User manual included
Great condition; used only 4 times
53” Grill cover- black
Cooking accessories included
Good condition; kept under covered deck
Cash only please

quantum infrared cooking system

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